Craigslist poster says black trick-or-treaters not welcome in white neighborhood

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This was the post found in the “Rants and Raves” section of Craigslist.

Reminder: Overage Trick Or Treaters Stay Out! (Larchmont-Edgewater)

We hate seeing kids older than twelve going house to house for free candy. Doing so is illegal and this year we will be calling the police on you b**tards. Overage trick or treating is a Class 4 misdemeanor and carries a $250 fine. This will also go on your criminal record if you don't have one already.

And you n**lets, stay the hell out! We're a white neighborhood and we don't want you baboons here!! You little turds better think twice going into my neighborhood or you will be legally punished.

“That`s awful, that`s awful,” said Ainel Alerth.

“They are party-poopers,” said Timo Mitchell.

Alerth and Mitchell are just two Larchmont/Edgewater residents who do not share the same views as this anonymous poster.

“When I see that, I don`t know where it comes from, where all the anger comes from. Why are we using these words?” said Alerth.

“I can understand if you have a 16 or 17-year-old show up without a costume, but just a blanket statement to say all kids of different colors can`t come in? I don`t think that is appropriate for this neighborhood, because we are very eclectic here,” said Mitchell.

Norfolk Police say they will respond if anyone calls for over-age trick-or-treaters.

“It would be a Class 4 misdemeanor, and would entail a fine, and it wouldn't be against the child, it would be against guardian, the parent,” said Spokesman Chris Amos.

Still, Amos says every child 12 and under, who trick or treats before 8 p.m., can go wherever in the city they choose.

“You can`t discriminate against someone being in a particular neighborhood, the law doesn't address that,” said Amos.


    • marv

      also shows how cowardley that person not putting up who they are so they can be addressed peronally on that so called issue that person hold no merit or spine …if u r gonna speak ur mind speak it to the fashion that we know who to address next time

  • K boyters

    Why would such ignorance make the news? ONE person that may or may not live there reflecting on a 1000 homes?

  • Brooke Burkett

    My first comment didn’t show up so I’m trying again. I want to point out that craigslist is bursting at the seams with “trolls.” It’s a free and anonymous forum and, as such, attracts all kinds of morons with nothing better to do but cause trouble. There are lots of people posting daily on craigslist just for the “fun” of making people angry and causing arguments. I think it should be noted that the individual who posted the material at hand may not live in the area, be white, or even really feel the way they say they do. It could be absolutely anyone just trying to stir people up.

  • Kris

    “You can`t discriminate against someone being in a particular neighborhood, the law doesn’t address that,” said Amos. – Well this statement is only half true, you can totally discriminate against someone being in a particular neighborhood, I mean the law typically won’t be with you and you would be a real jerk (being nice and not calling them what I would want to).

  • Erin

    Sadly, this made US page. Really wish this area could be known for the rich history and beautiful beaches and not for a cowardly racist who wants to ruin fun for people. This is shameful on many levels.

    • ebony

      Sooooo…….how do you know how old the child is? Do u ask them? look at how tall they are? And how long has the “too old to trick or treat law” been in effect?? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard in my life….I’ve had high school kids trick or treat at my house. They are still KIDS, let them enjoy it while it lasts….sheesh. It’s candy for goodness sakes….

      • Brooke Burkett

        Personally, I wouldn’t mind the older kids trick or treating and, as long as they’re polite, I give them candy too. I think the laws were enacted though to help prevent bullying, bag-snatching, etc. It’s generally just police driving around who notice them and think they might be causing trouble that enforce it, not people complaining because they came for candy.

  • Brooke Burkett

    Trolls on craigslist can post free and anonymous garbage any time. The person who posted may not be white, live in that neighborhood, or even agree with the stuff they said in their post. They do it for entertainment, posting things to rile people up and start drama.

  • Michele Gibson Pierson

    Where in America is it against the law to trick or treat if you’re over 12 or black? My God, we used to go out til we were 16 and that was 40 years ago. My kids trick or treated into their teens as well, the older kids would go out later than the little ones. How shameful to begrudge the kids having fun on that one day a year- they have to grow up too fast as it is. It seems the Scrooges of that nasty community are trying to ruin another holiday. Maybe they should surround their town with burning crosses so folks can identify their town as the racist killjoys that they are. I’d be terrified to let my kid eat any candy from that community, who knows lengths someone that demented would go to with their sickeningly twisted agenda. Happy Halloween, indeed, unless you live in NORFOLK, VA!

    • dcy

      Chesapeake has the 12 and under law, too. Also law against door to door trick or treating after 8PM. Both are offenses that carry fines and possible jail time. When we first moved here and read those laws I thought it quite silly. If they MUST put limits, 14 and 9PM is more reasonable.

  • Michael Gossett

    Seriously??? 12 and under??? Once you hit 13 it becomes illegal in their county? What kind of crap is that? We trick or treated until we were 16! It was the last year we would go.

  • dcy

    Chesapeake’s law (dated 1970) prohibits trick or treaters over 12 and after 8PM. Both offenses are punishable by fines and jail time. Pretty insane and petty, in my opinion. If the city MUST have a rule 14 and 9PM would be better to me, not that there should even be laws for Halloween.

  • Joe Schmoe

    I can’t say I disagree. I live in an all white neighborhood and I actually see black people driving up in cars dropping their kids off. Half of the tick or treaters I get are black and they don’t live in the neighborhood. I just stopped giving out candy. Screw it.

    • Guy

      Take your kids to Detroit and drop them off for some door-to-door treats. That would give you a wake up call but folks still like to live in their dreams. Get real people. I love all humans that have Neanderthal DNA so don’t call me a racist – I am not :)

  • whatthefoxsays

    Hilarious! Meanwhile in Ohio a teacher got put on leave for using the N word on Facebook, after black Teen Trick or Treaters pee in his yard in front of little kids… Yet HE is in trouble…

  • WhiteRabbit

    Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Diversity” is a codeword for anti-white. /watch?v=lKDeyuM0-Og

  • Jason Hops

    Anti-Whites are flooding every White country with non-Whites, which will cause White Genocide by violence, interbreeding and integration.
    Anti-Whites don’t demand that African countries be flooded with non-Africans.
    Anti-Whites don’t demand that Asian countries be flooded with non-Asians.
    Anti-Whites say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  • Darcy Jackson

    So Halloween ends once you turn 12 and wont be fun again until you are old enough to drink? People with teenagers and young adults should leave that city/town, once there tax base plummets they will change. I am sure that there are even more anti-teenager laws in that area. Most of the time laws like this are only enforced with certain people :-(

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