Norfolk City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot sentenced to six years behind bars

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NORFOLK, Va. - A federal judge sentenced suspended Norfolk City Treasurer Anthony Burfoot to serve six years behind bars Monday. He's also ordered to pay back $250,000.

In December, a jury found Burfoot guilty of six of the eight charges he was facing for public corruption and perjury. He was facing 4 perjury charges but only found guilty of two of those charges.

Burfoot must turn himself in by Wednesday at 2 p.m at the courthouse.

Federal prosecutors were seeking a sentence of 15.5 years on Monday saying Burfoot is an enemy of the city and took advantage of the public.

Federal prosecutors issued a statement after the sentencing which read in part:

“When elected officials engage in corruption it erodes public confidence in our democratic system of government,” said Dana J. Boente, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia.  “Burfoot’s well-publicized criminal exploits have eroded public confidence in how their tax dollars are used and managed, and his selfish actions feed the worst perceptions about public employees, of whom the vast majority perform their duties selflessly and admirably. I want to thank the Assistant United States Attorneys and the FBI for their diligence and dedication in pursing this important case.”

Burfoot’s attorney was seeking no more than two years.

Judge Henry Morgan said he believed that Burfoot lied when he took the stand in his own defense during the trial, but he acknowledged that Burfoot did good for the community and worked hard.

But the judge said Burfoot was also lining his pockets and putting himself first.

Burfoot was emotional entering court and during court, crying at times.  He stood by his innocence.

Burfoot's attorney also filed new motions in hopes of getting him a new trial citing newly discovered evidence.

At first, the judge was going to lock him up Monday.

Burfoot's defense argued he needed just a few more days to get his mother's affairs in order, the judge granted his request.


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