Denver family collecting cards for sick dog during his final days

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DENVER — A family in southeast Denver is asking the community to help lift their dog's spirits during his final days.

Army veteran Sean Nunez and his wife Ruthy consider their German Shepherd, Dylan, to be a member of the family, according to KDVR.

According to the Nunez family, 14-year-old Dylan - who suffers from dementia - doesn’t have much time left to live and also provides a great amount of love and support.

"I suffer from epilepsy - that’s a seizure disorder - and if I feel like I’m going to get a seizure, he’ll come over and kind of sit there and wait with me,” Ruthy said.

Sean is living with post-traumatic stress disorder and says that Dylan likes to check on him too.

Ruthy has been taking Dylan's deteriorating health hard. She said the dog had a stroke last week.

"This was a big toll on me. This is probably the first day I haven’t cried all day," Ruthy said.

Ruthy's mom Lucille Medina has been wooed by Dylan and is on a mission to help her daughter.

“I’ve never had a pet ever myself, and then he taught me how to love a pet," Medina said.

Medina's desire to help her daughter cope and assist Dylan during his final days are the reasons she reached out to KDVR with an interesting idea: She is asking people to write letters and send cards to her daughter's beloved German Shepherd.

“Dylan won’t understand, but Ruthy and Sean will,” Lucille said. "Knowing that she’s not alone... maybe knowing that she’s got some kind of support."

If you wish to help out the Nunez family, you may send a card to: Dylan c/o Cafe Chihuahua, 2250 South Federal Boulevard, Denver 80219.

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