Video shows snake slithering out of vehicle’s AC vent at Virginia auto shop

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -- It was not your typical day at the office for workers at Priority Toyota in Chester, Virginia this week.

When a customer brought his vehicle in to the shop for some work, it arrived with an extra – hidden – passenger.

"They were detailing his car and someone noticed a snake slithering on the dashboard," employee Brandon Leinberger told WTVR. "Every was pretty surprised. Very surprised!"

Some of his co-workers initially thought the snake was a toy sitting on the dashboard.

But once it started to move, they backed off.

Fortunately, Brandon is comfortable around animals. It is in his blood.

Brandon's father Rob Leinberger is the animal control supervisor at Richmond Animal Care and Control.

"We had some snakes growing up," Brandon said, "but it's been a while."

Brandon was able to safely grab the snake and release it back into the wild.

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