Mitch Brown remembers going to The Big House in Ann Arbor for the first time. He’ll never forget the thousands of people showing a love and burning passion for moments they’ll never forget. That’s when Mitch knew he wanted to work in sports.

Every day on News 3 Mitch tells these stories through the lens on his camera. They are stories about that passion that fans, athletes and the community have for their sports.

When he’s not appearing on WTKR, Mitch is a struggling Cowboys fan, an avid Michigan football follower and a pre-Lebron Miami Heatle. He also can’t forget those Cardinals down in St. Louis!

Mitch went to school right down the street at Old Dominion University where he studied Communications, and so moving over to WTKR was an easy decision. In 2016, Mitch became the station’s Sports Reporter. Before that, Mitch was a news photojournalist at News 3 and an editor at another local TV station.

Mitch is excited to bring shine to local sports stories that need someone to tell them. You can email him story ideas at​

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